Answering the Sun

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mos3n 18/01/2022 11:08:17

Le mec a clairement craqué, trop hâte de voir / d'expérimenter ça :

Rainer Kohlberger is prepared to go far when it comes to the physical experiences he evokes with his work. Answering the Sun demands the utmost from its audience. The invitation is to squint our eyes and allow the most amazing trips to unfold – just like when we were children letting the sun come in. However, the work is simultaneously a 60-minute bombardment of coloured fields and a wall of sound, followed by a hallucinatory, silent inky-black sequence. In the darkened cinema with its immense screen, the strong lights create afterimages on our retina, while the acoustic stimuli cause the ears to generate their own sounds. The human body seems to be taken over when the senses are overstimulated and tricked. If you are prepared to surrender this creates a unique trip, leaving us guessing as to what the person in the next seat experienced.