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Sasory 19/02/2017 13:51:56
mos3n Coucou, je n'arrive pas à trouver des informations complémentaires sur ce film. Le but du réalisateur, les conditions de filmage, le pourquoi du comment. Je ne trouve ni article, ni texte, tu n'aurais pas quelques informations supplémentaires ?
mos3n 19/02/2017 14:03:07
Sasory Voilà

Description of work:

In 2011, a processing facility in Kansas, the last to process Kodachrome, discontinued the K14 developing process. The historical stock became obsolete. In 2010, I photographed 14 rolls of Kodachrome 16mm, which had been stored since 1986. The stock was developed, in the last batch of footage processed. The resulting film is American Colour. The film was photographed over a week while traveling to Kansas from the birthplace of Kodachrome in upstate New York. In the wake of the obsolescence of Kodachrome the footage is used to explore the stocks historic and unique rendering of colour, hue and light value in relation to the American landscape and it’s architecture.


The film consists of two parts: singular static shots, which were composed to reflect the dynamic range of colour that Kodachrome could represent. These single shots are mostly architecture and landscape studies. I chose elements of the American landscape, which spoke both to the colour of the stock and to the time period from which the stock emerged and was at its peak. The second part is a colour field animation, which calls attention to the range of hues within the visible spectrum that Kodachrome is able to represent. The animation functions as an insert between the cinematography calling attention to and prefacing the range and representation of colour possible with the stock. The structure for the colour field animation is very simple moving in order from shortest wavelength to longest of the three additive primaries, which make up white light: blue, green, red. The subtractive primaries follow gradually incorporating into the structure giving the full colour range as well as mirroring the composite make up of the stock itself. Shots are edited into the structure based on the interaction of colour between the colour field and the colours within the cinematographic image. The single hue fields physiologically exhaust cones in the retina causing the viewer to be predisposed to having a more pronounced response to the complimentary and/or analogous colour in the proceeding cinematographic shot.
The accompanying soundtrack is homage to Leopold Mannes and Leopold Godowsky Jr. the two violinists whom invented Kodachrome in 1935. The piece was created using a violin, tape, processing and site-specific shortwave radio recorded during the photography. The soundtrack will be performed live when possible.
Sasory 19/02/2017 23:02:08
Je te remercie.
mos3n 19/02/2017 23:16:01
Je t'en prie. Tu me donneras tes impressions. Personnellement, je trouve à la fois la démarche et le résultat fascinant.
Sasory 20/02/2017 10:17:29
Je suis un peu plus strict que toi pour ce genre d'objet, mais je suis d'accord, pendant une vingtaine de minute c'est foutrement fascinant, on se met à compter les couleurs, les images de paysages arrivent et sont vraiment de toute beauté.
Je suis un peu moins fan de l’accélération finale par contre, les paysages disparaissent, les couleurs s'excitent, je fus un peu moins emballé par les dernières minutes.